Pop Motors and Auto Spares Co. Ltd


Think about any type of car, we we supply it.

Pop Motors & Auto spares Co Ltd

Pop Motors & Auto spares Co Ltd is the newest player in the South Sudan Auto industry with product ranges from small private saloon cars to heavy commercial machines in form of Earth movers, trucks, graders and even cargo trucks for sale, hire and Maintenance.

Pop motors & Autospares Co. Ltd is an indigenous Company run by enthusiastic South Sudan entrepreneurs with the desire for a competitive local Market to see a more improves quality of service delivery in the country. We enter the auto industry with substantial market research and know exactly our intentions and what role in the industry

Pop Motors

Weather one is looking for a private or commercial vehicle, Pop Motors and Auto Spares Co. Ltd serves all equally and satisfactorily.


To provide convenient services in the local market through a better supply chain ecosystem that is reliable.


• Increase our sales by 20% every year
• Consolidate our place in the market over the next 3 years and compete we with International Companies
• Improve our supply chain Management over time for better service delivery in terms of products availability.
• To be a major player in the local and regional Auto industry in the future.